When is rent due?  How can I pay?  Will you send me a bill? 

Rent is always due on the first of each month.  We do not send out a monthly bill for rent--you must remember to make your payment each month.  We do give you a grace period until the 5th of the month, but any rent that is unpaid by the 6th will begin to accrue late fees--$25 the first day, $5 each additional day thereafter until the balance is paid.

You can pay rent by check or money order in the office.  You may also pay using a bank draft, Visa, Mastercard or Discover card online.  See our instructions for setting up your online payment account.

What do I do if something in my apartment needs repaired?

Please call the office immediately for any emergency maintenance issues, such as plumbing backups, water leaks, electrical shorts, or furnace/AC repairs.  After our office closes, our phones are forwarded to an answering service that will be able to immediately notify our on-call maintenance employee.  For less-emergent maintenance issues, please feel free to use our online maintenance request form, or you can call our office.  Non-emergency maintenance requests are handled during our normal, weekday business hours.

Remember to be specific in describing the problem to us (i.e. which bathroom tub is not working, or which bedroom's blinds are broken.)

I am getting a pet--what do I do?  What about visiting pets?

All Meadowbrook apartments and townhomes allow for one cat or small dog, and allow some types of caged animals.   Before bringing a pet into your home, you must pay the pet deposit and register the pet with the office (cat/dog only).  The pet must comply with all aspects of the Meadowbrook Pet Policy.  If management finds that a resident is housing a pet that has not been registered with the office, it is a violation of the lease and the resident is subject to fines and possible eviction.

A visiting pet is the same as a permanent pet according to our pet policy.  Please talk to management before bringing any pets into your apartment.

Diagram of the entry door locks at Meadowbrook in Lawrence, Kansas.

What do I need to know about the entry door locks?

The diagram to the left explains how the lock on your front door works.  There are actually two slots for keys in your lock, but the face plate (which rotates around) only exposes one at a time.  The silver key slot works with your key; the black key slot works with our key.  If the black opening is exposed, simply use your fingers to rotate the face plate so that the silver opening is exposed.  It is good to familiarize yourself with the lock right away to avoid any confusion later.

My life is changing--what can I do about my current lease?

We understand that the needs of our residents can sometimes change unexpectedly, and we try to work with you in whatever way we can.  If you are gaining and/or losing a roommate, we can help you complete a roommate change.  If you need to change to a different size of apartment, we can help you find a more suitable home.  (In some cases, residents can transfer in the middle of a lease.)  If you need to move from your apartment before your lease is up, we may be able to help you find a new tenant to take over the remainder of your contract.  Your leasing agent can discuss all of your options with you and help you decide on the best way to handle your changing needs.

My neighbors are being quite noisy.  Who can I call?

Contact our office to report any noise disturbances while they are happening--day or night.  We cannot take action unless one of our staff members or a member of our security team witnesses the disturbance.  Our answering service fields all phone calls after hours, and they can dispatch Mil-Spec security to the address in question to stop the noise.  When the noise complaint is verified, the office can then address the issue with the residents directly.

If you feel the problem is serious enough, you can call the Lawrence Police Department to dispatch an officer by calling 785-832-7509.

I am preparing to move out and I want to help ensure I get my deposit back--what can I do?

We keep your security deposit during your residency to cover any damages or money owed after you move-out.  To get your full deposit back, your account with Meadowbrook must be paid in full and your apartment should be left in the same condition as when you arrived (allowing for normal wear and tear.)  You can download a copy of our Move-Out Suggestions which detail many of the items we look for upon check out, but here is a partial list of things that residents tend to forget to do before they move-out:
  1.  The carpet must be professionally cleaned prior to move-out.  If no receipt is turned in with your keys, we will hire a company to clean the carpet and the charge will be deducted from your security deposit.  
  2. The drip pans on the stove must be replaced.
  3. All nail holes must be filled, and the area(s) must be sanded and ready for painting.
  4. All light bulbs must be working; residents will be charged for each burned out bulb that Meadowbrook replaces.
  5. The entire apartment must be thoroughly cleaned.  This includes all surfaces (including ceiling fan blades, window blades and light covers.)  Vinyl flooring must be swept and mopped.  Cabinetry must be cleaned inside and out.  Sinks, bathtubs and shower doors must be clean and free of residue, and fixtures must be shiny.
You will not be held responsible for any damages that were documented at your check-in (done at the beginning of the lease.)  If you wish to see a copy of your check in, simply stop by the office and we will make you a copy.
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